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powerful and comprehensive

Employee Engagement Surveys

Powerful insight and deep analytics into
employee engagement levels within your organization.
relevant recommendations from employees

Integrated Action Planning

Automatically develop an action plan based on relevant, employee recommendations that target the organizational topics needing the most attention.
the power of comparison

Benchmark Reporting
and Trending Analytics

Compare your employee engagement levels
against similar companies in our benchmarking database.

Roadmap to Measuring Employee Engagement

What Is Employee Engagement?

Employee engagement is the level to which employees are committed to the organization, feel invested and valued in their jobs, and are dedicated to the success of the company.

Conducting an Employee Engagment Survey?

The most effective way to measure employee engagement is to conduct an employee engagement survey. Careful thought and planning are needed to complete a successful employee engagement survey project. EngagedMetrics' powerful employee surveying platform, as well as our in-house survey professionals, are here to ensure your project is a success.
What Is EngagedMetrics?
EngagedMetrics is an employee engagement survey platform that provides deep insight into the employee engagement and satisfaction levels within your organization. Use EngagedMetrics to examine the challenges and issues driving employee engagement. Design a project based on your company's strategy, organizational goals, and strategic objectives.
Getting Started
There are a handful of ways to get started with EngagedMetrics. Some clients dive right in and immediately sign up for a free account. Others prefer to start the EngagedMetrics process by scheduling a demo with one of our survey professionals or by requesting a formal proposal. You can always take the tour to learn more about how EngagedMetrics works.
Live Project Manager
Since it's your name on the line, we know how crucial it is that your project goes smoothly. This is why each EngagedMetrics employee survey project is assigned a live project manager. During the entire process, your live project manager guides you through this high visibility project to ensure everything goes smoothly and delivers the right analytics to help your organization improve.
Who Is Using EngagedMetrics?

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Feature Highlights
Measure Employee Engagement
Use the EngagedMetrics platform to design and deploy a custom employee engagement survey aligned to your organizational strategy, company goals, and strategic objectives.
Core Competencies
Choose from EngagedMetrics' extensive core competency catalog to examine engagement levels around specific organizational topics. Build your project around the core competencies most pertinent to your company.
Employee Anonymity
EngagedMetrics takes protecting employee anonymity seriously! Employee anonymity and trust are primary reasons for hiring a trusted 3rd party. Our survey platform was developed with saftey measures to ensure each employee's anonymity is securely protected.
Enterprise Analytics
EngagedMetrics' powerful and flexible reporting dashboard provides deep insight into the overall health of your company, as well as measures specific organizational topics driving employee engagement.
Infinitely Customizable
Using EngagedMetrics' road-tested survey platform, tailor the questions and survey experience to the needs of your organization. EngagedMetrics is flexible enough to support the most demanding client requirements.
Invite Broadcasting
Our integrated broadcasting system helps drive response rates, as well as ensures consistent messaging to staff. Use our invite broadcasting system to effciently send invitations and process survey reminders.
Live Project Manager
EngagedMetrics is not a do-it-yourself and hope for the best online survey product. A live project manager is assigned to every project and will guide you through each step to ensure a smooth running, successful survey.
Benchmarking Reports
See how your organization stacks up against other companies in the EngagedMetrics benchmarking system. Get benchmarking scores for all aspects of the EngagedMetrics platform.
Demographic Filtering
Filter your reports based on your company's demographics to help ensure all employee groups get heard equally. Combine multiple demographic filters to examine highly specific employee groups within the organization.
Powerful Analytics
General Health Indicator
Use EngagedMetrics' base questions to calculate a general health indicator for your organization. Using your base score, you can benchmark your organization's general engagement health against other similar organizations.
Core Competency Benchmarking
See how your organization stacks up against other companies that measured the same organizational topics. EngagedMetrics shows you where you ranked, as well calculates what percentile you scored.
Organizational Strengths & Weaknesses
Easily rank your core competency scores by highest to lowest to determine your organization's strengths and weaknesses. These core competency rankings will help prioritize and formulate an action plan.
Core Competency
Roll-Up Reports

EngagedMetrics calculates a roll-up engagement score for each core competency measured. Drill down into the core competency report to view the individual question results.
General Health Benchmarking
See how your general health matches up against similar organizations. Using rank and percentile, compare your organization's base engagement score against others by industry and size.
Organizational Analytics
Organizational analytics allow you to determine where your survey responses are coming from. Flush out groups within the enterprise with low response rates.
Custom Question

Collect data based on the unqiue challenges and issues facing your organization through EngagedMetrics' flexible custom question reporting.
Organizational Trending
Track your engagement progress from year to year using EngagedMetrics' powerful trending capabilities. Determine which areas are improving and locate those groups that still need work.
Powerful Filtering
Slice and dice your reports by organizational structure and demographics. Apply report filtering to examine differences throughout the entire workforce.

Benchmarking & Trending: The Power of Comparison

Your survey data alone only tells part of your organization's story. To fully understand your engagement levels, you need context. EngagedMetrics' robust benchmarking and trending system provides that context. EngagedMetrics provides advanced benchmarking capabilities to show how your results stack up against other companies of similar size and industry, and our integrated trending reports help illustrate your organization's progress over time using the EngagedMetrics platform. Benchmarks and trending analysis help you draw accurate conclusions from your survey data and choose the correct action items for working towards your organization's overall strategy.