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Integrated Action Planning

You have collected that data and you’ve seen how your organization stacks up against others. Now, complete the circle with integrated action planning. EngagedMetrics’ integrated action planning provides employee driven recommendations on how to improve!

no generic recommendationsFor example, say an organization receives low scores for Team Dynamics, we realize there is little value in offering up generic action planning recommendations like, “We recommend tropical shirt Fridays.

Instead of generic recommendations, EngagedMetrics’ integrated action planning delivers relevant, customized action planning recommendations collected from the employees on the front lines.

Relevant Recommendations by Employee

employee survey benchmark reportingWith integrated action planning, EngagedMetrics generates a custom follow-up survey in real-time for each employee asking them for recommendations on the organizational topics they scored the lowest.

For example, if an employee responded to your survey with low engagement scores for the organization topic Recognition, EngagedMetrics analyzes their results in real-time and immediately asks them for recommendations on improving Recognition. These employee driven recommendations are then broken out by topic and presented to you for consideration in EngagedMetrics action planning analytics dashboard.

Action Planning by Topic

employee survey benchmark reportingBy enabling EngagedMetrics’ integrated action planning, employee recommendations are collected in real-time focusing on organizational topics with the lowest scores. These relevant action planning recommendations are then organized by topic and presented within EngagedMetrics’ analytics dashboard.

By design, you’ll have more action plan recommendations for the organizational areas which scored the lowest. You can now sort through these employee recommendations looking for common threads to help develop a customized, relevant action plan for improving your organization.

Integrated action planning functionality is available in our enterprise package level.