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Benchmarking & Trending: The Power of Comparison

To fully understand employee engagement levels, you need context!

EngagedMetrics’ powerful benchmarking and trending reporting provides this context by allowing you to examine how your organization compares against other companies of similar size and industry.

Benchmarking Reports

employee survey benchmark reportingFor each organizational topic, EngagedMetrics provides insightful analytics by calculating where you rank against other organizations in our benchmarking database. Each benchmarking report shows where you rank and what percentile you scored for each employee engagement driver measured.

In addition to benchmarking each core competency, our base question benchmarking report provides comparison analytics based on your organization’s employee engagement general health indicator.

EngagedMetrics’ benchmark ranking scores are a true comparison because they are based on past EngagedMetrics clients that opted to measure the same employee engagement drivers. This ensures you are comparing “apples-to-apples” when using EngagedMetrics’ benchmarking system.

Trending Reports

employee survey trending reportingWhere our benchmarking reports allow you to compare your organization against others, EngagedMetrics’ trending reports allow you to compare your scores against any past projects you’ve already completed using the EngagedMetrics platform. Some EngagedMetrics clients have almost ten years of historical data loaded into the system. EngagedMetrics’ trending reports allow them to examine organizational trends from year-to-year. Our trending reports offer easy monitoring from project-to-project to track improvement, as well as determine organizational topics headed in the wrong direction.

Comparison Reporting

employee survey comparison reportingEngagedMetrics’ powerful comparison reporting allows you to easily determine the highest and lowest scoring groups for each employee engagement driver measured in your survey. Comparison reporting makes determining which organizational areas are most engaged, as well as locate those portions that need extra attention.

Our benchmarking, trending, and comparison reporting are available in our professional and enterprise survey packages.