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Tour the EngagedMetrics Process

EngagedMetrics is a powerful employee surveying platform designed specifically to measure employee engagement. EngagedMetrics provides our validated, road-tested employee survey technology, coupled with a live survey professional, to ensure your project is a success. Take a quick tour of each step in the EngagedMetrics process. If you have any questions, please get in touch.

Step One: Make Contact

The easiest way to get started is to schedule a demo. We are happy provide a no-obligation, no-risk consultation. We will discuss your requirements, conduct a quick screenshare, and provide exact pricing. If you prefer to dive right in, feel free to create an EngagedMetrics account and we'll check in later.

Step Two: Design Phase

Once you have an account set up, the survey design process begins. Work closely with your project manager to select which organizational drivers to measure. Choose from our validated question library and add custom questions targeted at specific issues within your organization. Make edits as needed, until your project is tailored to the requirements of your organization.

Step Three: Build Organization

EngagedMetrics supports the ability to filter your reports by organizational structure. Beyond viewing the results for the entire company, drill down to view the engagement levels of a specific division, department, or team within your organization. If you plan on using EngagedMetrics's invite broadcasting system, you will need to provide us with employee email addresses. We will use the email addresses to send invites, process reminders, and drive response rates.

Step Four: Testing Phase

At any point in the process, take a test-drive to experience the survey from the employee's perspective. Make sure everything is perfect before launching your project. Along with your project manager, plan on a thorough round of testing before making the survey available to staff. Make any last minute changes before going live and sending survey invitations.

Step Five: Launch Survey

Once you give the green light, we will launch your survey to staff. Employees will receive customized invitations and the survey access keys they can use to participate in the project. If you have employees without email, we'll provide those access keys directly to you. Your project manager will closely monitor the launch and track your early response rates.

Step Six: Active Phase

Your project is now live and actively collecting responses. Log into EngagedMetrics's powerful analytics to view the early reports. Once you've collected enough responses to exceed EngagedMetrics's employee anonymity safeguards, you can begin viewing your reports in real-time. Feel free to schedule a one-on-one training session with your project manager on maximizing EngagedMetrics's powerful reporting system.

Step Seven: Survey Completed

Your survey is now closed and your final reports are in. Begin running reports for the entire organization, as well as apply report filters based on organizational structure and demographics. See how your organization stacks up against others within EngagedMetrics's benchmarking database. Your project manager will get in touch to schedule a project recap and help review the final results.

Step Seven: Report Training & Project Wrap-Up

After the final results are tallied, we like to set up a training session focused on EngagedMetrics's reporting dashboard and analytics to demonstrate how to run reports, as well as make sure all your questions are answered. If you're using EngagedMetrics's integrated action planning functionality, you can begin reviewing the action plan recommendations submitted by staff. The final step in the whole process is a wrap-up meeting with your project manager.