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Employee Survey Communication Plan

Like most things in life, communication is key. Clear and planned communication plays an important role in conducting a successful employee survey.

Let’s review a typical communication plan.

Internal Communication to Stakeholders
employee survey communication HRThe first step is to contact the stakeholders in the project. In most surveys, the stakeholders are selected from HR and senior management. These people will be the internal team that designs the survey. After the survey design is completed, the stakeholders will also assist in testing.

  • Assemble the internal team responsible for designing the survey.
  • Propose a survey timeline.
  • Prepare the employee email list for on-boarding into EngagedMetrics’ invite broadcasting system.
Initial Email to Staff
employee survey communication employeesOne week before the survey access keys are emailed, we recommend sending an email from HR or senior management letting employees know about the upcoming survey project. Here are some main points to cover in the initial email to staff;

  • We will announce the employee survey to staff.
  • Inform employees of the timeline of the survey.
  • Introduce the survey provider and explain how employee anonymity is protected.
Survey Launch
employee survey communication invitationsOnce we receive your authorization, EngagedMetrics will process the survey invitations and email a survey access key to each employee. Employees click an embedded link in the invitations to connect to the survey. The survey is now actively collecting responses from staff members.

  • Each employee will receive their survey access key.
  • Employees will be provided all the necessary details to participate in the survey project and contact support for the survey.
  • We will want to contact the organization’s IT department to inform them of the survey and ensure delivery on the emails.
Sending Reminders
employee survey communication remindersWorking with your live project manager, you will determine a schedule for sending survey reminder messages. From day one of the project, we will be monitoring response rates. We will want to determine a response rate goal for the organization and send reminder messages accordingly. We can always extend a survey and send more reminders, although reminder messages do have a diminishing return.

  • Send reminder messages to those employees who have not taken the survey.
  • Determine a response rate goal for the project. It’s important to be realistic in selecting a response rate. We appreciate organizations being optimistic, but a 95% response rate is very difficult to achieve!
  • Extend the survey, if needed to help drive up the response rate.
Thank You!
employee survey communication completeOnce the survey is closed, we will want to send a follow-up email thanking employees for participating in the survey. This email will provide details on how the survey data will be used and shared.

  • Thank employees for participating.
  • Reiterate the goals and reason for the survey.
  • Explain how the survey data will be used and shared.

Developing Your Employee Survey Communication Plan

Every communication plan is different. Throughout the survey process, you will be working with your live project manager to develop the right communication plan for your organization.