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Powerful Employee Engagement Surveys

EngagedMetrics provides a comprehensive set of features for measuring employee engagement. From your surveys design all the way to benchmarking and action planning, EngagedMetrics provides a robust employee surveying platform to help ensure a successful project.

Below is a quick overview of some of EngagedMetrics’ most popular features. To learn more, we suggest scheduling a demo with an EngagedMetrics survey professional.

Feature Highlights
Measuring Employee Engagement
Use EngagedMetrics to design and launch a custom employee engagement survey linked to your company strategy, organizational goals, and long term objectives.
Live Project Manager
A live project manager is assigned to every project and will guide you through each step in the employee surveying process to ensure a smooth running, successful survey.
Core Competencies
Choose from EngagedMetrics’ extensive core competency catalog to investigate engagement levels around specific organizational topics. Build your project around the organizational topics most pertinent to your company.
Custom Branding
Customize the look and feel of your survey to match your organization’s branding. Communicate the goals of the project through custom messaging.
Demographic Filtering
Filter your survey reports based on your custom company demographics to ensure all employee groups get equally heard. Combine multiple characteristics to investigate specific employee groups within the organization.
Paper Survey Support
Sometimes companies have large workforces without email or web access. We offer paper surveys for these organizations. When this requirement arises, EngagedMetrics has an integrated solution for handling paper surveys.
All Languages
EngagedMetrics engagement surveys can be offered in as many languages as you need to support your diverse workforce. Make sure all employees can participate by offering your survey in their native language.
Organizational Filtering
Filter your analytics by organizational structure to determine both exemplary and problem areas with the company. Investigate comparison reports based on organizational structure to locate which employees are most engaged.
Enterprise Analytics
EngagedMetrics’ reporting and analytics dashboard provides powerful insight into the health of your company, as well as measures specific organizational topics driving employee engagement.
Benchmarking Reports
See how your organization stacks up against other companies in the EngagedMetrics benchmarking system. Get benchmarking scores for all aspects of the EngagedMetrics platform.
Integrated Action Planning
Generate an action plan in real-time using employee driven action planning recommendations. EngagedMetrics generates a unique recommendations question set for each employee which targets the topics needing immediate attention.
Infinitely Customizable
Using EngagedMetrics’ road-tested survey platform, tailor the questions and survey experience to the needs of your organization. EngagedMetrics is flexible enough to support the most demanding client requirements.
Invite Brodcasting
Our integrated broadcasting system helps drive response rates, as well as ensures consistent messaging to staff. Use our invite brodcasting system to effciently send invitations and process survey reminders.
Employee Anonymity
We take protecting employee anonymity seriously! Ensuring employee anonymity is a primary reasons for hiring a trusted 3rd party. Our employee survey platform was designed with saftey measures to ensure each employee’s anonymity is securely protected.
Unmatched Support
You call, we answer. Whether it’s training on our reporting system or helping employees through the survey taking process, EngagedMetrics prides itself on superior support.
Demographic Filtering
Slice and dice your reports by custom dempographics to understand different demographic groups within your company. Ensure all areas within the organization an equal opportunity to be heard.
Powerful Reporting & Analytics
General Health Indicator
Use EngagedMetrics’ base questions to calculate a general health indicator for your organization. Using your base score, you can benchmark your organization’s general engagement health against other similar organizations.
Core Competency
Roll-Up Reports

EngagedMetrics calculates a roll-up engagement score for each core competency measured. Drill down into the core competency report to view the individual question results.
Core Competency Benchmarking
See how your organization stacks up against other companies that measured the same organizational topics. EngagedMetrics shows you where you ranked, as well calculates what percentile you scored.
Organizational Strengths & Weaknesses
Easily rank your core competency scores by highest to lowest to determine your organization’s strengths and weaknesses. These core competency rankings will help prioritize and formulate an action plan.
Organizational Trending
Track your engagement progress from year to year using EngagedMetrics’ powerful trending capabilities. Determine which areas are improving and locate those groups that still need work.
Custom Question

Collect data based on the unqiue challenges and issues facing your organization through EngagedMetrics’ flexible custom question reporting.
General Health Benchmarking
See how your general health matches up against similar organizations. Using rank and percentile, compare your organization’s base engagement score against others by industry and size.
Organizational Analytics
Organizational analytics allow you to determine where your survey responses are coming from. Flush out groups within the enterprise with low response rates.
Powerful Filtering
Slice and dice your reports by organizational structure and demographics. Apply report filtering to examine differences throughout the entire workforce.
Comparison Reporting
Use EngagedMetrics’ integrated comparison reporting to determine which areas of your organization are most and least engaged. Use comparison reporting as a roadmap to determine where to focus your immediate attention.