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Powerful Employee Survey Reporting & Analytics

Designed specifically for conducting employee surveys, EngagedMetrics’ powerful reporting and intelligent analytics delivers the crucial data needed to hear employees, develop an action plan, and ultimately improve the organization.

General Reporting

The following general reports are included in all EngagedMetrics packages.

Core Competency Reporting

employee survey core competency reportingYou will receive a core competency report for each organizational topic measured. Each core competency report calculates a score and provides a roll-up analysis for the measured topic. EngagedMetrics also provides the ability to drill down into the core competency to examine the results of each individual question.

Base Question Reporting

employee survey base question reportingMost EngagedMetrics projects include a base question set geared at providing a general health indicator of employee engagement. Similar to the core competency reports, EngagedMetrics calculates a roll-up score for the base question set, as well as offers the ability to view the individual results for each base question.

Custom Question Reporting

employee survey custom question reportingWith each EngagedMetrics package, you can include custom questions designed to measure topics and issues specific to your organization. EngagedMetrics’ custom question reporting allows you to investigate the results of these questions.

Essay/Open-Text Reporting

employee survey open-text reportingYou have the ability to include essay/open-text questions within your survey. The essay/open-text reporting interface allows you to review the essay responses written by staff.

Organizational Reporting

employee survey organizational reportingOrganizational reporting encompasses the divisions, departments, and teams loaded into your survey. This report is useful for tracking response rates across the organization. You are able to filter the other reports based on your survey’s organizational structure.

Demographics Reporting

employee survey benchmark reportingDemographic reporting covers the custom demographic questions included in your survey. Like the organizational reports, you are able to apply reporting filters based on this demographic question set.

PDF Report Generator

employee survey benchmark reportingUse this tool to create PDF versions of your reports. Easily specify what data to include in your PDF exports

Benchmarking & Trending Analytics

The following benchmarking, trending, and comparison reports are included in the professional and enterprise packages.

Core Competency Benchmarking

employee survey benchmark reportingFor each organizational topic measured, EngagedMetrics provides comparison analytics to determine how your organization stacks up against other companies in our benchmarking database. Each core competency benchmarking report shows where you rank and what percentile you scored for that organizational topic.

Core Competency Trending Reports

employee survey benchmark reportingEngagedMetrics’ core competency trending reports allow you to monitor your employee engagement driver scores against past EngagedMetrics projects. Use core competency trending to determine which organizational topics are improving and those drivers trending in the wrong direction.

Core Competency Comparison Reports

employee survey benchmark reportingEngagedMetrics’ powerful core competency comparison reporting allows you to easily determine the highest and lowest scoring organizational groups for each employee engagement topic measured in your survey.

Base Question Benchmarking

employee survey benchmark reportingOur base question benchmarking report compares your organization’s general employee engagement score against other companies in our benchmarking database. Using the base question set, examine where your organization ranked against companies of similar size and industry.

Base Questions Trending Report

employee survey benchmark reportingThe base question trending reports allow you to easily monitor changes in your general employee engagement score against all past EngagedMetrics projects. Using the base question set, make sure your organization’s general employee enagement score is trending in the right direction.

Base Questions Comparison Report

employee survey benchmark reportingThe base question comparison report provides comparison ranking on the highest and lowest scoring groups in relation to the employee engagement general health indicator.

Integrated Action Planning

The following action planning functionality is only included at the enterprise package level.

Custom Action Planning for Each Employee

employee survey benchmark reportingIn real-time, EngagedMetrics generates a follow-up survey for each employee based on that individual’s lowest scoring topics. Each employee is asked for recommendations on improving the areas they feel need the most attention.

Action Planning by Topic

employee survey benchmark reportingUsing the recommendations collected in each employee’s custom follow-up survey, EngagedMetrics provides a list of recommended action planning items split out by organizational topic. By design, you’ll receive more action planning recommendations for the lowest scoring employee engagement topics.