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How to Measure Employee Engagement?

For over ten years, EngagedMetrics has been measuring employee engagement. EngagedMetrics offers a full-service solution for investigating employee engagement based on a host of organizational characteristics. Let’s take a high level look at the EngagedMetrics process for measuring employee engagement.

The EngagedMetrics Process

From survey design all the way to action planning, EngagedMetrics delivers a comprehensive solution for measuring employee engagement. Click on each step below to learn more about the EngagedMetrics process.


The EngagedMetrics Process

EngagedMetrics delivers a comprehensive, full-circle solution for measuring employee engagement. From survey design, through benchmarking, all the way to action planning, our powerful employee surveying platform helps to ensure a successful project that delivers the results you need to improve.

Step One

Designing & Deploying Your Survey

Work with a live project manager to design an employee engagement survey tailored to the needs of your organization. Build your survey using EngagedMetrics’ validated question catalog, employee engagement drivers, and proven employee surveying technology. Conduct a throrough round of testing with your project manager. When everything is perfect, launch the survey to staff.

Step Two

Reporting Fundamentals

Once your survey is actively collecting responses, you can view your reports in real-time. View the engagement levels for each organizational topic measured. Examine the general health of your organization using the base question report. Run custom question reports to investigate the topics and challenges facing your organization. View scores for the entire organization, or filter your reports by demographics and organizational structure.

Step Three

Benchmarking & Trending

EngagedMetrics’ powerful benchmarking system provides the ability to compare your engagement levels against other organizations of similar size and industry. Our trending reports allow you to compare your scores against your past EngagedMetrics projects. Comparison reporting allows you to easily determine the highest and lowest scoring groups for each employee engagement driver measured.

Step Four

Integrated Action Planning

EngagedMetrics’ integrated action planning delivers relevant, customized action planning recommendations collected from the employees on the front lines. Integrated action planning generates a custom follow-up survey in real-time for each employee asking them for recommendations on the organizational topics they scored the lowest. These relevant action planning recommendations are then organized by topic and presented within your analytics dashboard.