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Live Project Manager

Conducting an employee survey is a high-visibility project and EngagedMetrics understands the importance of everything going smoothly. This is why every EngagedMetrics survey is assigned a live project manager to ensure a successful project that delivers the data you expect.

EngagedMetrics is not a do-it-yourself and hope for the best solution. Instead, your project manager is always a phone call or email away to help guide you through each step in the process.

Experience & Technology

We have the experience and technology to handle the most demanding requirements;

  • Need multiple languages?
  • Want paper surveys?
  • Do you have an existing survey from a past project?
  • Do you have employees without email or web access?

No problem! EngagedMetrics supports all these features and more. With the guidance of your experienced project manager, EngagedMetrics is flexible enough to support unique situations and challenging requirements.

Why monkey around?

Bad MonkeyToo frequently, we speak with companies that opted to try their luck with a do-it-yourself, free web survey tool, only to have their project crash and burn with no support! With an EngagedMetrics live project manager, you’re not going at it alone.

Why pay too much?

We often speak with clients that have paid big dollars to high-end consultants for less value then delivered in EngagedMetrics’ most basic package. Your EngagedMetrics project manager will work hard to make sure you get the data you need to improve.