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Employee Survey Project Planning & Timeline

EngagedMetrics has years of experience conducting successful employee surveys. We fully understand the planning and coordination needed to make your project a success.

Working closely with your live project manager, we’ll guide you through each step in the process. Let’s get started by outlining a high-level overview of the employee survey planning process and timeline.

Phase 1: Project Planning
The planning process normally begins with a kick-off call with your project manager. If we have not already, EngagedMetrics will provide a formal project proposal outlining the exact cost and deliverables of your project. We will also discuss any special requirements, such as multiple languages, paper surveys, or unique customizations.

Phase 1 Milestones:
Duration: 1 to 3 weeks
  • Work with HR and top management to confirm project support and buy-in from the necessary stakeholders.
  • Work with HR and project stakeholders to determine a proposed schedule and timeline.
  • Working closely with your EngagedMetrics project manager, you will begin designing your employee survey and selecting which organizational topics you want measured.
  • You will begin building your organizational structure into the EngagedMetrics platform. This organizational structure is later used to filter your survey reports by the divisions, department, and teams within your organization.
  • Most projects have EngagedMetrics handle the survey invitations and reminders. You will need to begin compiling a list of employee emails for on-boarding into the EngagedMetrics invite broadcasting system. EngagedMetrics will provide additional access keys for those employees without email.
Phase 2: Survey Testing
Each project goes through a rigorous round of testing to make sure everything is perfect before launching the survey to staff. Each question and every aspect of your survey is reviewed to ensure nothing has been missed. EngagedMetrics will provide test access keys to conduct internal testing within your organization.

Phase 2 Milestones:
Duration: 1 week
  • HR and top management will review the final question list.
  • If you are offering your survey in multiple languages, your survey will be sent out for translation.
  • EngagedMetrics will provide test survey access keys so you can conduct internal testing of your survey project.
  • If you have any changes, we will integrate your feedback into the survey.
  • Your survey will be carefully checked to make sure everything is perfect before launching to staff.
Phase 3: Survey Launch & Active Survey
After a thorough round of testing, we will wait for your authorization instructing us to launch the survey to staff. Once we begin processing the invitations, each employee will receive a customized email that includes their survey access key. Come launch day your project manager is on call to monitor the survey and track early response rates.

Phase 3 Milestones:
Duration: 2 to 4 week
  • You will authorize the launch of your survey to staff.
  • Employees will receive the survey invitations and begin taking the survey online.
  • Your project manager will carefully monitor the initial launch and track early response rates. We typically see a 10% response rate by the end of day one.
  • Your project manager will provide you with the master access keys to assist employees in lost or accidentally deleted survey invitations.
  • Keeping in close contact with your project manager, we will come up with a schedule for sending survey reminders.
  • As the survey end date draws closer, we may choose to extend the survey end date if response rates are lower than desired.
Phase 4: Final Reports & Benchmarking
Once the survey is closed the final reports are available in real-time. Your project manager will contact you to schedule a training session on EngagedMetrics’ reporting and analytics dashboard. Depending on the package level you selected, you’ll now be able to leverage EngagedMetrics’ benchmarking database to determine how your company compares to other organizations of similar size and industry.

Phase 4 Milestones:
Duration: 1 month
  • A training session will be scheduled on EngagedMetrics’ comprehensive reporting and analytics.
  • HR schedules meetings with top managers to explore engagement levels within different organizational areas.
  • Benchmarking reports are run to explore how your organization stacks up against others in our extensive benchmarking database.
  • In most cases, a plan to communicate the survey results with employees is executed.
  • A wrap-up meeting is scheduled with your project manager to ensure any remaining questions are answered.
Phase 5: Integrated Action Planning
With integrated action planning, EngagedMetrics generates a custom follow-up survey in real-time for each employee. For each individual employee, integrated action planning calculates their lowest engagement scores and asks for ideas on how the organization can improve. These employee submitted, relevant recommendations are then organized by topic and presented to you for consideration in your action plan.

Phase 5 Milestones:
Duration: 1 to 2 weeks
  • HR creates an action plan by reviewing the recommendation collected using EngagedMetrics’ integrated action planning.
  • An organizational action plan is compiled by examining employee recommendations looking for common threads.
  • HR reviews the proposed action plan with top managers.
  • Managers communicate the action plan to the employees in their areas.

Rinse and Repeat…

Once you have multiple years of historical data collected in the system, EngagedMetrics’ analytics become even more telling. Using our advanced trending reports, it becomes easy to track your organizational progress from year to year and project to project. Typically, your project manager will contact you a month before your project’s yearly anniversary to begin collecting updated data to conduct the survey for the current year.